2022 Open Board of director positions

Elected Officials

All Board Members shall serve without compensation from GVAHA, except for reimbursement of expenses actually incurred in connection with GVAHA business, at the discretion of the Board.

Board members are expected to be present and participate in monthly board meetings. In addition board members participate in GVAHA events planned by the board for the association.

All below listed duty descriptions shall be fulfilled by the elected position or ensure the duties are fulfilled by committee or appointment. Additional duties may be assigned from time to time through operational guidelines and / or position descriptions approved by the GVAHA Board of Directors.


The President shall be the chief executive officer of GVAHA, shall sign all GVAHA contracts and obligations along with the Secretary, and shall be a member of all committees and boards appointed. The President will chair monthly and annual board meetings. The President, along with the Treasurer, shall be responsible for preparation of the GVAHA budget, and shall be responsible for preparation of all budgets, financial statements and annual reports. 

Manager Director

The Manager Director will facilitate training of team managers as necessary and be a resource for Team Managers for various questions from time to time. The Manager Coordinator will also ensure that each travel team has a treasurer in place to handle team financial matters and provide periodic accountings to the Treasurer.

Sponsorship Director

The Sponsorship Director will be responsible for collecting sponsorship forms, scanning documents and saving to the GVAHA Google Drive, and recording sponsor records and information. He/She will also be responsible for writing and sending thank you notes, and donation letter receipts as requested by sponsors. He/She will report to the treasure which funds should be applied to which teams in accordance with our sponsorship policy. He/She will coordinate the ordering of the GVAHA sponsorship banner and order any signage as requested by the sponsor. He/She will also collect artwork and ads from sponsors as requested by the Communications Director for the printing of the yearbook.