GVAHA STARS are blessed to play at one of the nicest, cleanest, and highest rated ice hockey rinks in West Michigan. The staff has worked on making several improvements over the summer at the direction of the new operations manager, Jeff Schmidt. Jeff is a 4-year marine and comes from a maintenance and waste water treatment background. Oh and he LOVES, LOVES hockey! When he’s not at the rink, he’s either playing hockey or watching his daughter play hockey.


Georgetown Ice Center – Highest Rated Rink in West Michigan

Georgetown Ice Center - Highest Rated Rink in West Michigan

You may notice more than a few improvements have been made at Georgetown Ice Center this summer.  Jeff and his maintenance crew took over the landscaping duties and updated the areas surrounding the rink. They have given the rink a complete cleaning including scrubbing walls around both rinks and inside the locker rooms. The rinks and locker rooms have received a fresh coat of paint, removing countless bottles from ceilings, and upgrading many lights and light fixtures.  What you may not see are the plumbing and equipment upgrades that help service the rink as well.

There are some cool new paintings including the famous “Badger” Bob Johnson quote “It’s A Great Day For Hockey” and a new mural representing all hockey teams that call Georgetown home.

GVAHA STARS players will see an improved shooting and stick-handling area on the West Rink and soon will have an improve dry land training area on the East Rink.

new shooting area for hockey players

The Georgetown Ice Center is owned and operated by Georgetown Township. It serves the community along with  GVAHA to provide hockey opportunities to players young and old.

You can find public programs such as Public Skate, Stick&Puck, Drop-In Hockey and Freestyle figure skating year round at Georgetown Ice Center. They offer Adult Women’s League, Men’s League and Co-Ed Leagues year round. Private skating events, birthday parties, broomball and hockey tournaments are also offered year round. During the summer months they melt one sheet of ice and host roller derby teams on the cement rink.

Grand Valley State University Men’s D2 and D3 team as well as Grand Valley State University Women’s Team call Georgetown home along with Grandville, Hudsonville and Jenison High School Hockey.  GVAHA is proud to be part of the Georgetown Hockey Family.

Help Respect the Rink

We compiled a list of the top 10 ways to respect “the George”

  1. Coaches and players should stay off the ice until the ice resurfacer has safely exited the rink and the doors are closed.
  2. Please don’t shoot pucks at doors, trash cans or electrical outlets.
  3. Do not spit on the floors, especially on the bench, this isn’t a baseball field.
  4. Supervise your kids – we know it’s easy to get caught up in the game, but we want to keep the little ones safe.
  5. Players please use the designated shooting area. Please don’t shoot against all the freshly painted walls.
  6. Players should leave the locker rooms clean at the George and at all visiting locker rooms you use. Please do not throw gatorade bottles into the rafters.
  7. Be respectful and courteous to staff.
  8. Players please do not leave your bags in the main walkway between the front entrance and rinks.
  9. When outside, please use the containers to dispose of cigarette butts.
  10. Please don’t shoot pucks or stick handle in the lobby.

The ice rink’s purpose is to sell two things: customer service and quality ice time. Any time they spend away from that fixing or repairing damage deters them from their ability to be more efficient.