Do you want to pay less out of pocket for hockey? You can – just by purchasing things you normally would using a program called Scrip.

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a no-sell fundraiser! It sounds too good to be true, but here is how it works:

  1. You order a SCRIP gift card or instant e-gift card through Georgetown’s SCRIP program. (Perhaps a Meijer card for $100 or an Old Navy instant email.)
  2. You IMMEDIATELY get  3% to 15% back in your account!
  3. You may use that gift card or email for use on your purchase!

SCRIP Benefits Include:

  • No extra time, money, or energy spent.
  • No selling unwanted products to your family and friends.
  • Earnings add up quickly— families can earn $500 or more per year.
  • It’s a great budgeting tool, and it fits with every financial situation.
  • They offer over 700 retailers, so you can use scrip for practically anything.
  • Online ordering lets you buy and use eCards whenever you want.
  • Families can shop both in-store or online with participating retailers.
  • Scrip gift cards are just like using a credit/debit card, but without the fraud risk
  • It’s habit forming— you’ll want to use scrip all year long!

What people are saying about SCRIP

“I was unsure about Scrip the first year we were in hockey. I had heard about it for people fundraising for band at school but I thought it would be difficult. I decided to finally give it a try and found some best practices by talking to other parents using it for GVAHA hockey.

My family found reloadable cards really easy to use (Speedway/ Meijer) and then we found coupon codes for Amazon and online shopping was easy too. Lastly, we learned the mobile app and more and more; we saw the credits come in.

“It was not as hard or complicated as I thought. I did love watching the money pile on and I DEFINITELY loved paying less for the hockey bill! You can so do this too.” – Cheri Johns

“Scrip is super easy and earns us money toward our hockey bill. What’s not to love?” – Meghan Cole

“My family earned $669.15 from using Scrip in one year just with weekly purchases of groceries and gas and the occasional dinner out at restaurants. I’d recommend using Scrip it’s easy & who doesn’t like to save money!” – Jen Adams

“Scrip is an easy way of getting money back for the items you are going to purchase anyway. We have done best by having several reload cards to our most visited places (Speedway, Gordon Food, Subway, etc) and always using these cards. We have also given Christmas gifts this way and we have ordered ScripNow while eating out somewhere we were not planning on going. Last year our family earned more than $650 by using scrip. That helps when you are paying for three to play hockey.” – Dan Plumert

“I love SCRIP! It is the best way to earn money toward hockey, especially if you don’t like selling things to your friends and family. Once you get your account set up it’s simple to use. I use it weekly for gas and groceries. I use ScripNow for unexpected shopping and eating out. There’s nothing better than earning free money toward hockey just by doing things you’re already doing! If you’re not using SCRIP, you have to check it out!! We earned almost $700 toward our hockey bill this year!!” – Melanie Palasek

“Our family has been using the Scrip program the last 2.5 years. We use it for groceries, gas, clothes, food, and even our trash service. This year alone, we have saved over $500 off our hockey bill. What I love the most is the Scrip Now feature/app, which I use on my phone. This lets me purchase instant gift cards and use them immediately. I regret not trying the Scrip program sooner. It really is a no brainer.” – Tracy Wells

How to Sign-Up

During the initial registration, you will be asked for a enrollment code – please contact the GVAHA Fundraising Coordinator for GVAHA’s code. Email Kelli Sterley at for this code.

***You must register for Presto Pay if you would like to pay online.